Lesser Sunda is one of prototype area for SIGAP marine that applying sustainable fisheries and management focusing on the ocean and coastal line, not only focusing on the nature but also in harmony with social and economic welfare of local people. Sebumi help in particular in site ecotourism strategy, development planning and execution.

Rote was located in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Rote is an island with rich biodiversity both on the land and below the water. The natural source from the land are palm tree, sandalwood and other source.

The area merges in Savu Sea National areas, where pacific ocean current meets Indian Ocean, it makes Savu Sea parts of the world coral triangle, even though it covers about 2% of the worlds ocean, but it has covered 76% of coral species and 37% of coral fish species in the world. It makes this place become one of the world marine biodiversities centre and also a crucial conservation area for the earth.

Seaweed culture is one of the main industry in Nusa Teggara, In the area like Rote & Kupang, seaweed farming become an alternative food resource, this makes some local people rely on seaweed culture as an income. Since this sites are intersected with the conservation area, so it is very important to used a sustainable technique on seaweed sourcing.