In the aftermath of Lombok earth quake there are lots of damages, especially in North Lombok the recovery process are still need to be accelerated. Sebumi with Ngoepi initiated a program called “Rebuild Rinjani” focusing on disaster recovery and rehabilitation with the goal to return the local communities economic cycle in Desa Senaru, surrounds Rinjani mountain. The local people used to rely on tourism activity as a source of income, some of them are porters, guide and basecamp coordinators.

After the earth quake hundreds of porters are losing their job, the Rinjani mountain will be open after at least a year of site’s restoration. During this time, porters are switching their job as coffee farmers since Desa Senaru is also one of the coffee commodity producers. This opportunity not only beneficial for the current economic recovery but it can be a chance to open up the new alternative livelihood for local people in a longer term, because even so today the potential of the local coffee commodity in Rinjani wasn’t developed yet.

Partners with local farmer and the basecamp coordinator, Mr. Saat as a bean producer, Sebumi & Ngoepi helps with the coffee roasting, packaging design and marketing plan.

All the profits from the coffee sales are transferred to the donation program and will be used for rebuild some infrastructures such as water pipeline, schools, Senaru’s gate and other tourism facility.