Let’s take part in the turmoil of adrenalin to Bodogoleco park. Crossing the village typical scenery with enhanced community farmland scenery ranks of mountgede panggrango hillis. See the wildlife from the upper canopy trail and cross the hanging bridge while observing the nature and see the endangered Javan owaand observed eagle in their natural habitat.

Do you know? Javan Owa or Hylobates moloch is endemic to Java (Indonesia). It is mostly confined to Java’s western provinces (Banten and West Java), listed as Endangered because its population size is estimated to number fewer than 2,500 mature individuals, there is an observed continuing decline in the number of mature individuals, and no subpopulation contains more than 250 mature individuals.

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Activity 1 : Introduction About Bodogol Conservation Education Center

Arriving at the Bodogol Conservation Education Center, we will be warmly welcomed by the guide there. We will know more about Bodogol Conservation Education Center. History, diversity in it, its role, especially in the effort to preserve Javan gibbons. We will also explore the Bodogol Conservation Education Center, passing dozens of lush trees with crowns that are linked to each other.

Activity 2 : Discover Javanese Gibbons

The activity will continue to introduce gibbon species, especially Javan gibbon. this species is one of Java's endangered primates. This session, we will get acquainted with Javan Gibbon. Know the characteristics, behavior, role, to conservation actions undertaken to maintain the sustainability of this species.

Activity 3 : Canopy Trail, Trekking to Waterfall, and Tree Planting

After getting acquainted with the gibbon species. The activity will continue with observing the wildlife of the canopy trail. Enjoy amazing views and discover interesting things from the canopy trail. Then, we will take a short break and have fun games. After that we will continue the journey to enjoy the waterfall. Before going home, we will plant a tree to preserve the gibbon ecosystem.

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