Jogja Heritage Green Tour is a half-day trip visiting historical landmarks to enlighten urban people about green living based on Sebumi 9 Sustainability Lifestyle Modules: Food, Water, Waste, Energy, Shelter, Transportation, Fashion, Biodiversity, Mindfulness. Jogja Heritage Green Tour will bring you to find the sustainable and the green side of the city through its cultural heritage.

In collaboration with Gaet Lokal and Sanggar Seni Kinanti Sekar, we will explore Jogja by using ‘Si Thole’ Bus to see the side of the city's sustainability based on the 9 aspects of Sebumi's sustainable lifestyle concept.


Strolling The Green Side of Jogja Through Its History

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta is famous for its cultural heritage and the fast city development. Not many know about the sustainable side of the city that is still 'hidden'. In this tour, you will visit, explore and learn about the green side of Jogja through 9 aspects of sustainable lifestyle.

Exploring Jogja with ‘Si Thole’ Bus

With the concept of a half-day tour, you will be invited to a tour around the center of Jogja using public transportation conducted by Dinas Pariwisata Kota Yogyakarta

Experience The Traditional Dance of Jogja

In collaboration with Sanggar Seni Kinanti Sekar, you will learn how to practice mindfulness through traditional dance

Less Waste Tour

During the tour, we will minimize waste generation to create a future sustainable city

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1 October, 2022 , 08:00
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