Bali Barat National Park is located in the West Bali, Jembrana. This area is the last remaining habitat of the rarest birds in the world, namely the Bali Starling (Leucopsar rothschildi). West Bali National Park is a unique tourist spot due to have on coastal ecosystems, protected forests, mangrove forests and savanna. The park is also supported by the facilities of accommodation, transport and cultural attractions that will help you enjoy the best of your travel. So in addition to enjoying the atmosphere of nature, flora and fauna that are around you, you can also pamper yourself and close family and friends with a fun water activities.

Get the basic material on how to conserve the coral reefs provided by special experts in related fields and learn the principle of minimal waste journey while you’re doing activities at Bali Barat with Sebumi Melaut trip.

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Pre Departure - Discussion About the Sea & Zero Waste Journey

Learn about our ocean from the experts and all the things you need prepare and anticipate during the trip. Including understanding of Zero Waste Journey principles and practical application.

Day 1: Get to Know About Ocean Life and Biodiversity

West Bali is one of the National Parks with a large sea wealth. On the first day, we will explore the forest and sea in West Bali. We will find out more about the wealth and diversity in West Bali, especially those in the sea.

Day 2: Beach Clean Up, Waste Sorting, and Recycle

The second day will be spent in engagement to preserve the ecosystem of West Bali. We will clean the beach from the rubbish. Then we will sort it out and recycle the garbage that we collect into something of more value.

Day 3: Coral Maintain, Mangrove Clean Up, and Planting

The third day, we will be involved in conservation actions. We will dive deeper to see the coral reefs in West Bali. We will also take care so that the coral reef is maintained here. After that, we will continue the journey to the Mangrove Forest, clean the mangrove forest from garbage, and plant mangroves.

Day 4: Get in Touch with Local Wisdom and Culture

The people of West Bali have their own local culture and wisdom. On the last day, we will meet local people, interact with them, and learn about the local culture and wisdom that they carry out until today.

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