Located in North Sumatra, Mount Leuser represents a complete ecosystem ranging from lowland forests, terrestrial forests, and lakes that are still relatively intact as a place for wild animals and endemic species. Covering up to 1.094.692 ha, Mount Leuser National Park has such biodiversity potential with global conservation value that UNESCO established this area as Biospherical Preservation and Natural World Heritage Site. By visiting Mount Leuser National Park, you can be a part of Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra!

Get the basic material of biodiversity provided by special experts in related fields and learn the principle of minimal waste journey while you’re doing activities at Mount Leuser National Park with Sebumi Merimba trip.

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Pre Departure - Discussion About Indonesian Tropical Forest

Learn about our tropical forest from the experts, understanding about deforestation issue, and get some opportunities to participate and involve in forest conservation.

Day 1: Adventure in Tangkahan and Enjoy Tropical Forest Atmosphere

The adventure starts from Tangkahan. We can do many things in Tangkahan. We will walk through a tropical forest with big trees around us. After exploring the forest, we can feel tubing adventure on the river. Once satisfied to feel tubing adventure, we will relax at Gunung Leuser Lodge. Enjoy the atmosphere of a calm tropical forest with the chirping of the animals.

Day 2: Journey with Elephant and Get to Know about Sustainable Agriculture

The second day, we will walk to explore the forest with the elephants. Arriving at the river, we can join in bathing the elephants with Mahot. Next, we will go to Bukit Lawang and visit the Eco-Farming Center. Here, we can learn about sustainable agriculture which is carried out organically. We can also relax for a while in the pavilion while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere. After that, we will spend the night at Eco-Lodge.

Day 3: Orangutan Trekking and Planting Trees

The last day, we returned to the forest. This time, we will find out more about the Sumatran Orangutan, which is an endangered species. We can see orangutans living freely in their natural habitat. Next, we will support conservation efforts by planting trees. Then, return to Medan and fly back home.

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