Pearls in the east of the archipelago which since the 15th century have attracted Portuguese and Dutch sailors to sail and stop by because of the wealth of sandalwood. Rote Island and southwestern Timor are urged by the Savu Sea Marine National Park area, which is part of the world's coral triangle, which stores a variety of biodiversity and underwater beauty that makes many tourists both from home and abroad do not get bored to visit it.

Like the sparkle of pearls buried at the southern tip, it waits to be found for those who seek and gaze a little further and deeper

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Sebumi Tour Guide
Day 1 : Journey in Kupang, Pasir Panjang Beach, and Tablolong

The journey begin in kupang and Pasir Panjang Beach. We will explore the city of Kupang, and then continue our journey to Pasir Panjang Beach. we can feel the sensation of calm while enjoying the soft sand beach. After that, we will visit Tourist Village Lifuleo or Tablolong. This place is the village of fishermen in Kupang. And we will overnight in Kupang. 

Day 2 : Visit Sustainable Seawedd Farming in Oelolot VillageI

In the morning, we will sail to Rote Island. And we will visit Oelolot Village. This village is a village that practices seaweed cultivation in a sustainable manner. We can learn many things about seaweed here. Then we will spend the night in Nembrala, which is one of the best surfing spots. 

Day 3 : Enjoy Beautiful Beach and Culture in Rote

The last day, we will enjoy the beauty of the beaches in West Rote, that is Nembrala, Batu Pintu, and Lifulada. Enjoy the distinctive and amazing waves from each beach. Then we will visit the city of Ba'a and see ikat weaving in Namodale Village. We can buy some souvenirs before finally returning home.


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