Join us on this exceptional journey to the Wakatobi Islands which line in the southeastern “petal” of the orchid- shaped island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Located in the Coral Triangle –an area globally acknowledged as the center of marine biodiversity – Wakatobi ranks as one of the highest priorities for marine conservation in Indonesia because of the diversity of species, reef condition and protection of a large functional of seascape. Wakatobi oers crystal clear pristine waters and a rich bio-diverse underwater life, a true paradise for divers. The name Wakatobi is in fact an acronym of its four main islands, which are: Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.

Embarking on a journey with us will enrich you with various learning experience that will help you understand why conservation is important.

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Day 1 : Explore Wangi-Wangi Island

The 5 day trip in Wakatobi begins in Wangi-Wangi Island. We will visit Waha, where there are beaches and underwater beauty beautiful here. Here we also meet Waha Tourism Community which manages ecotourism in Waha. After Waha, we will relax in Goa Kontamale springs and overnight in Wangi-Wangi.

Day 2 : Explore Tomia Island and Meet Poassa Nuhada

The second day, we will sail to Tomia Island. Here we will visit Kulati Village and meet local community called Poassa Nuhada. We will see their actions in managing ecotourism in Kulati Village. Then we will visit Hu'untete Beach and see one effort marine conservation, namely Fish Bank in Tomia.

Day 3 : The Beauty of Binongko

The third day, we will go to Binongko Island. We will visit the nature beauty of Wakatobi, Koncu Pacua Hill. Then, explore Bante which is famous for its underwater beauty and soak in the Topa Labago spring. Then back to Tomia for overnight.

Day 4 : Adventure in Kaledupa

The fourth day, continued at Kaledupa. We will see cultural heritage in the form of Ollo Fortress, then get to know Wakatobi culture in Limbo Langge. After lunch we will meet FORKANI and see what conservation efforts are they do. Then, the afternoon will be spent exploring the Mangrove forest soars high. The last day, we will visit Kampung Bajo Sampela (Sama Bahari) and see tribal life Bajo up close.

Day 5 : Enjoy Hoga Island

Before going home, we will cross to Hoga Island, and enjoy the atmosphere calm and peaceful beach. Until the end, we travel back to the city of origin.

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