Raja Ampat is the center of the richest tropical marine biodiversity in the world today. The islands oers an incredibly diverse views from rocky cli small islands to a coral reef life. Not suprising when the area oers some of the nest underwater scenery in the world, with luxurious resorts and highly knowledgeable guides. There are some world class diving sites, each with it’s own uniqueness.

Embarking on a journey with us will enrich you with various learning experience that will help you understand why conservation is important.

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DAY 1 : Visit TNC Field Office and Learn About Environment

Arrive in Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong - Head to Kofiau to visit TNC field office in Deer Village - Introduction about TNC’s conservation work in Kofiau and Misool - Visit local primary school and learn more about the Environment Education Curriculum

DAY 2 : Birdwatching in Nyenyar Lake and Head to Misool

Sunrise and birdwatching in Nyenyar Lake, Mikiran Village - Head to Misool with speedboat - Head to Limalas Village to meet the local community - Conservation Lab - Enroute to Panun Paradise

DAY 3 : Snorkeling and Experience the Traditional Art

Snorkeling or Diving around Batubol - Head to Jaam Island with speedboat - Experience the traditional art performance - Snorkeling around Jaam Island - Trekking towards Davalen Peak - Head back to Panun Paradise

DAY 4 : Histrocial Journey in Misool

Enroute to Keramat Cave, historical site in Misool - Visit Banos Beach - Explore and enjoy Jellyfish Lake - Headback to Panun Paradise

DAY 5 : Flight Back to Home

Headback to Sorong - Fly back to Jakarta

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Mount Kerinci
Sebumi Mendaki
 4 days
Sebumi Weekend Workshop
 1 days
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