Gunung (mount) Merapi National Park is a tropical forest which its atmosphere is affected by it's volcano activities. Variety of the ecosystem consist of montana ecosystem, tropical mountain forest, secondary forest and plantation create a place with an unique geosystem,biosystem and sosiosystem.

More than that, this area has a very important roles for Central Java and DI Yogyakarta so peoples label it as the "Heart or Soul" of DIY Yogyakarta. Mt.Merapi is believe to have a supranatural relationship with the locals so that, there are a lot of ritual ceremonies held by the locals related to Mt.Merapi.

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Day 1 : Heritage Activities and Lava Tour Experience

Upon arrival in Yogyakarta and feel the atmosphere, we will immediately explore the abundant cultural heritage of Yogyakarta. After that, we will experience lava tour experiences. Feel the sensation of offroad at the foot of Mount Merapi. Explore winding and rocky roads that are challenging and thrilling. You will get an unforgettable experience through lava tour experiences.

Day 2 : River challenge and Team Building

The second day, we will adventure to the river. Explore the river with challenging currents. And we will do team building, build closer relationships, and build a more comfortable atmosphere between each other.

Day 3 : Explore Borobudur

After a tiring two-day trip, the last day will be leisurely. We will visit the Borobudur miracle and cultural site. Look at the relics of the Buddha thousands of years ago, and trace historical traces and meaningful ornaments on each side. Then, we will hunt for souvenirs as memories of an amazing trip. Until finally returned to their respective homes safely.

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Conservation Journey
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Bogor Botanical Garden
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