This tour invites you explore the east end of the island of Java and the western part of the island of Bali. Exploring small Africa in Indonesia, named Baluran National Park. See the savanna habitat. Our guides will accompany your journey, sharing the importance of savanna ecosystems for biodiversity and other endangered Banteng in Baluran.

After enjoying the savanna plains, the next trip is to climb Mount Ijen plateau. Here can be seen the amazing volcanic crater lakes vast blue of the sulfur. Enjoy your best moment in the crater, especially when waiting for sunrise. This crater is the largest traditional sulfur mining area in East Java. It became an opportunity to interact with local people directly. Or just look at their activities closely.

Uncover the hidden beauty of the western tip of the island resort of Bali, the Bali Barat National Park. This is the last home for beautiful birds Bali Starling, the only species endemic to the island of Bali. Thick forests, blue sea, sandy beaches, to the verdant mountains is a very suitable place to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali away from the crowds. West Bali’s natural atmosphere tranquil ideal to relax the soul and uploading a positive force. Even very suitable for you that requires contemplation and find the turning point of your life.

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Day 1 : Enjoy Baluran Savana

Arriving in Banyuwangi, we will immediately go to Baluran. In Baluran, we can explore many things. Enjoy the vast expanse of savanna in Baluran. We will feel the atmosphere like being in Africa for a moment. If lucky we can meet a herd of bulls who are relaxing in the middle of the savanna. After that, we will explore the forest season, evergreen forest, to relax on the beach of Bama.

Day 2 : Enjoy Blue Fire in Ijen Crater

Early morning, we will go to Paltuding Climbing Post, then climb to Ijen Crater. Here, we will see an exotic and rare sight, namely Blue Fire. This phenomenon itself is only two in the world, and one of them is in Ijen. While enjoying Blue Fire, we will enjoy the cool atmosphere and watch the sunrise in the eastern horizon. After spending time at Ijen, we will go to Gilamanuk before resting in Bali.

Day 3 : Dive into Menjangan Island

The last day, we will head to Labuan Lalang and Jalak Bali Sanctuary. We can see and learn more about the endangered Bali Starling. Next, we will head to Menjangan Island. Enjoy the atmosphere of the leafy and cool Menjangan Island. Dive in and see the breathtaking expanse of coral reefs. In addition to enjoying its charm, we will also do beach cleaning to keep nature clean. Next, we will go to Pemuteran.

Day 4 : Flight Back to Home

After 3 days exploring Baluran, Ijen, and West Bali. The fourth day will be filled by returning to our home. Save tightly your 3 day moments to treat homesickness when you get home.

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