It's not complete to visit Berau if you don't enjoy the beauty of the beach and underwater nature in Derawan islands. There are at least 4 famous islands here, namely Derawan, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Maratua Islands which hold extraordinary coral beauty, pari manta habitat, the rare whale sharks and colonies of green turtle and hawksbill turtle. Kakaban Island is one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting East Kalimantan.

Located in Derawan Islands, Kakaban Island itself can be reached for approximately 45 minutes from Derawan Island by speedboat. Different from other islands in Derawan Islands, like Maratua Island which is famous for its underwater beauty. The beauty of the green lake with stingless jellysh is the main attraction for tourists to visit
Kakaban Island.

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Sebumi Tour Guide
Day 1 : Adventure in Merabu Village

The three-day journey will begin in Merabu Village. We will go around Merabu Village which is surrounded by hills of karts around it. We can learn about the culture and daily activities of the villagers who are mostly Lebo Dayak. In the village of Merabu, there are million solar power plants that support this village. In addition, we can also see integrated farming namely Doko'Lemu where in this place there is a fusion of cattle and goat farming with vegetable farming.

Day 2 : Trekking to Ketepu Peak and Camp at Nyadeng Lake

The second day, before the sun rises, we will extend towards Ketepu Peak. This peak has a height of 400 meters. Once you reach the top, you will see a view of the karst hills that connect one another. We can also hear the sounds of birds chirping from the Peak. After spending time at the Peak of Ketepu, we will go down to Nyadeng Lake. Here, we can enjoy turquoise lakes. Feel the fresh water to refresh our minds and energy. We will also camp at Nyadeng Lake and not forget to maintain cleanliness at Nyadeng Lake.

Day 3 : Visit Cave and Merabu Craft

The last day, we will explore prehistoric caves. Beloyot Cave, Kabilah Cave, and Lungun Cave were the first destinations. This cave holds ancient traces of thousands of years old. Handprints and animal paintings on the walls seemed to be witnesses of past civilizations. In Lungun Cave there is a traditional Dayak tomb placed in the cave. After leaving the cave, we will return to Merabu and see the typical woven Merabu. Before going home, we will visit Tanjung Redeb. Here, there is a historical heritage of the Berau kingdom, namely the Mount Tabur Palace which dates back to the 14th century.

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Mount Rinjani
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