Indonesia is the country with the second largest tropical rainforest in the world that holds 15.3% of the world's plant riches. With all the potential and benefits of plant wealth for life and humans, only about 5% of the potential is worked out. Efforts to conserve and learn the benefits of these different types of plants can be done in their natural habitat or outside their habitat.

The bogor botanical garden is the first ex situ conservation site in which there is the largest collection of plants in Indonesia. In this place we will invite students to be able to learn the various types of plants, the ecology where they grow, and the benefits. Through this program we hope more and more generations can explore the potential of our biodiversity.

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Activity 1 : Introduction with Guide & Bogor Botanical Garden

After setting foot in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, we will be welcomed by the guide at the Bogor Botanical Gardens. We will be introduced to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. History, its collections, and its role in research, education, or recreation. We will start exploring the Bogor Botanical Gardens and see a variety of unique flora here!

Activity 2 : Biodiversity Hunting

After being introduced to the Bogor Botanical Gardens. We will explore it, see all the biodiversity in this place. Find a variety of interesting flora here, ranging from hundreds of years old trees, and Indonesia's endemic flower.

Activity 3 : Terrarium Making

After hunting for biodiversity. We will experiment with making a Terrarium. Create your own ecosystem in a container. Create with all the elements around you, soil, plants, and other elements that you can create as you like!

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