Mangrove forests are forests that grow in brackish water and are affected by tides. Unfortunately, mangrove forests in Indonesia have begun to be threatened because of the many mangroves that have been cut down and turned into new urban land or as aquaculture areas.

In fact, as the natural fence of our city, mangroves have the natural ability to clean waters polluted by harmful substances and mangrove forests also produce nutrients that can fertilize sea waters, help in the rotation of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur, and waters are rich in nutrients both nutrients organic or inorganic. In Jakarta, 85% of the existing Mangrove area has been lost in the past 50 years. 

This CSR trip also aims to significantly support the conservation and restoration efforts of the Mangrove area in Jakarta Bay which continues to experience degradation and depreciation.

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Activity 1 : Mangrove Seedling

Mangrove Seedling are the initial stages of growing mangrove trees. These seeds come from the mangrove fruit, such as Rhizophora, Bruguiera, or Avicenia. Each participant made new mangrove seeds to be cared for until the next few months were planted.

Activity 2 : Mangrove Clean-Up

Waste becomes a problem experienced by mangrove ecosystems. In fact, 80% of the trash in the sea comes from land. The rubbish is not processed on land, enters the river, is carried to the sea, and finally the waves are carried back to the coast. The presence of waste causes damage to ecosystems and marine life. That condition is what happened around this TWA area. Each participant collects waste around the TWA Angke area.

Activity 3 : Mangrove Trekking

Explore the aesthetic mangrove forest. Find a variety of interesting things in it, towering roots, seeds that have germinated, to coastal animals that inhabit the mangrove area. In addition, we will also learn to know more about mangroves, their role in physical, chemical, biological, and economic aspects.

Activity 4 : Bronjong Making and Mangrove Planting 

After exploring the mangrove area. We will start making gabions from bamboo. Later this gabion will protect the newly planted mangrove seeds from tides. After the gabion has been made, we will plant mangroves and protect it with the gabions that have been made.

Activity 5 : Mangrove Tea Tasting

After a tiring and exciting day. We will relax in the beach. While enjoying tea that comes from mangroves. Feel the pleasure of tea made from mangrove leaves!

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