Why Sebumi
Integrated Sustainability Principle
We minimize our carbon footprint by applying Zero Waste principles and offset our carbon footprint at the end of each activities
Conservation Actvitity
We bring awareness on conservation issues and invite people to get involved and take actions to make an impact
Community Connection
We invite people to build meaningful connection and contribute back to local community
Our Spirits
Young at heart
Energetic and spirited individuals, youthful in heart and fervent in their passion for life and the Earth. They possess an boundless wellspring of energy, curiosity and gratitude that fuels their vibrant approach to living.
Imperfect Conservationist
Eco-conscious individuals who are compassionate, critical, creative. They observe problems, find innovative solutions and collaboratively take action to improve and conserve the Earth, one step at time
Outdoor Lovers
Enthusiastic outdoor aficionados and explorers who fearlessly embrace the enriching learning through unique journey and expeditions, unlocking not only the treasures of the Earth but also opening their minds and hearts to new possibilities
Sustainability Enthusiast
Passionate about learning and implementing a more sustainable practices to make a positive impact. They actively seeks and shares knowledge, aiming to inspire change and contribute to a healthier environment through their knowledge and actions
Meet Our Team