About 95% of the water entering our homes goes down the drain. In 2017, percentage of heavily polluted river in Jakarta is 61%, moderately polluted is 12%, and 0% for river with good condition. This also include household sewage as one of the water waste contributors. Recycling water can produce lower fresh water use, can cause less energy and chemical use, better soil treatment, plant regrowth, and reclaimed --otherwise wasted nutrients.

With Sebumi Weekend Workshop “Water” series, we raise your awareness about how rainwater harvesting could reduce the impact of natural disaster, such as flood and landslide. We give you practical and theoretical knowledge about rainwater harvesting and its installation.

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Activity 1 : Explanation About Water Cycle and Household Water Management

The activity begins by listening to an explanation of the water cycle, where the water originates from, how it is used, to how water can be used again. We will also listen to explanations about water management at the household scale, where we use water from, and where it flows after we use it.

Activity 2 : Explore Sendalu Permaculture

After hearing the explanation, we will explore Sendalu Permaculture. We will look at water management there, see the use of water effectively and efficiently, and its application in our household scale.

Activity 3 : Rainwater Harvesting

After exploring, we will try to harvest rainwater. Design a holding tank, learn how it works, and apply it on our household scale.

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