Sebumi Virtual Experiences is an audio, visual with 360 and VR materials specially crafted to provide an experience of eco traveling and sustainable activities from home. It’s a way to stay connected with nature and outdoor activities while staying at home. We provide group and custom events based on your needs to stay engaged with your team and colleagues in a virtual space. By participating in this, you will also help local tourism provider and Small Medium Enterprise which partnered with Sebumi by creating an alternative platform of livelihood for them during pandemic. Check out some of our Virtual Tours below to experience some of our favorite magical places In Indonesia at your fingertips
Sebumi Virtual Escape
Explore Culture and Nature Wonder from Your Home
You have been missing travelling? roaming around the earth, visiting places, meeting people and their cultures, engaging in outdoor activities and reconnect with nature? Living and working in COVID-19 has forced us into a new normal where we spent most our day in room, behind walls. Whilst we need to stay safe and maintain health protocol, virtual escape can be a way to keep exploring the world by staying at home. We offer several virtual tours to the mountains, forests and seas.