Green buildings secure our ecosystems, biodiversity, enhance the quality of water and air, minimize solid waste, and conserve natural resources. In fact, when compared to a conventional building, green buildings save 26% energy, 13% less cost maintenance, with 27% higher occupant satisfaction and results into 33% less greenhouse gas emissions.

With Sebumi Weekend Workshop “Shelter” series, we raise your awareness about the importance of green architecture. We give you practical and theoretical knowledge about designing green shelter.

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Activity 1 : Comprehensive Explanation about Eco-Shelter Essential

At the beginning we will get an explanation about eco-shelter. We will learn about designing a sustainable building, a building that is not only comfortable to live in, but also environmentally friendly. We will be invited to know the concept of 200 Rumah Besi.

Activity 2 : Explore Rumah Besi

We will explore Rumah Besi. Seeing the concept of adopting sustainability architecture. Look closer at the environmentally friendly systems in Rumah Besi, what systems in this place, how it works, and how it can support sustainability.

Activity 3 : Design Your Own Eco-Shelter

The last session, we will try to make our own eco-shelter design. We will design buildings that are environmentally friendly, by supporting needs and open land that supports sustainability. We will also design systems in our homes that support sustainability and are comfortable for living.

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