Fossil fuels produce large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned. Carbon emissions trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change. Unearthing, processing, and moving underground oil, gas, and coal causes land degradation. As a result, critical wildlife habitat land crucial for breeding and migration ends up fragmented and destroyed.

With Sebumi Weekend Workshop “Transportation” series, we raise your awareness about the importance of reducing carbon footprint. We give you practical and theoretical knowledge on how we could find a better transportation mode to support in improving air quality and reduce pollutions in our city.

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Activity 1 : Explanation about Reducing Carbon Footprint

The activity begins by introducing a carbon footprint. We will see how much pollution or emissions are produced by vehicles in urban areas. Then, we will discuss the impact on our lives, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Activity 2 : Alternative Transportation to Support Environment

This session will explain the transportation that we use. We will be invited to review the transportation that we use. And choose transportation alternatives that support pollution reduction and improve air quality, especially in urban areas.

Activity 3 : Playing Games About Green Transportation

Next, we will play games around transportation. We will look for artificial pollution around our yard. Then we will try to make our eco-transportation model of environmentally friendly materials. At the end, we will also plant trees to absorb the emissions we produce.

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