Ecoprint is made by printing natural ingredients as a motive and coloring pattern in the fabric. The material used comes from plants in the form of leaves, flowers, even branches that do not use synthetic or chemical materials.

Ecoprint is an alternative method that can be used to reduce the waste of chemical textile dyes because it uses natural dyes and motifs that come from natural ingredients. Through Ecoprint, we can have colorful clothes while still preserving the earth.

Ecoprint was collaborating and empowered local craftsmen from Yogyakarta, Mrs. Peni from Tembiindigo. The process of making ecoprint can take approximately 1 week until the color really sees in the fabric. On the other hand, ecoprint techniques utilize natural ingredients as material making environmentally friendly motifs such as plants for natural dyes. 100% handmade because every Shawl cloth has its own characteristics, because this is purely handicrafts and not manufacturing tools.

This Ecoprint Shawl has signature motifs, namely leaf motifs with flowers at the end. The leaf motif comes from eucalyptus leaves, leaves with spots, namely wind pine leaves. The floral motif comes from turmeric which is formed resembling flowers or comes from Cosmos flowers.

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