Percentage of green space in Jakarta is only 9.98% out of the total area. This percentage is very low comparing to Singapore that has 47% green open space. Urban green space can improve air quality because particulate levels on tree-lined streets can be up tp 60% lower than those without trees. Urban green space also protects water wuality, improve citizens well being, and reduce soil erosion.

With Sebumi Weekend Workshop “Biodiversity” series, we give practical and theoretical knowledge about biodiversity and its usage for daily goods.

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Sebumi Tour Guide
Activity 1 : Explore Srengseng City Forest

Arriving at Srengseng City Forest, we will receive an initial explanation about Srengseng City Forest. Then, we will explore Srengseng City Forest, walk along the path, and see the flora and fauna in this place.

Activity 2 : Discover Biodiversities Around You

Discover biodiversity around you. We will receive an explanation of native biodiversity in Srengseng City Forest. Then we will 'hunt' and pay more attention to the unique flora and fauna that are around us.

Activity 3 : Make Your Terrarium

After exploring biodiversity in Srengseng City Forest. We will try to create our own forest ecosystem by making Terarrium. Look for some small plants that can be used, then arrange them in a container to create your ecosystem.

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