Sebumi is an eco travel agency with a vision to help conscious travellers to enjoy nature's beauty and biodiversity while at the same time learn and get involved in conservation efforts and support the locals.

We're looking for ways to grow our market reach while also increasing the impact of our social or conservation mission.

If you have that call and what it takes to work in dynamic entrepreunerial-start up like-organization, we challenge you to embark an exciting yet rewarding journey for a future we vision to be.

Open Positions

The impact we’ve made might be a small ripple. But we believe those small ripples can turn into a big wave of impact if we sail through one problem at a time.

Eco Travel Consultant (Fulltime & Internship)

Open for student in their 6-8th semester from ecotourism/ graphic design/ management major


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Marketing & Partnership
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Conservation & Sustainability (Project Manager)
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