Bandung Green Tour is a half-day journey to visit the urban forest of Bandung, stroll along the Cikapundung River, engage in river cleanup volunteering activities, plant trees along the banks of the Cikapundung River, savor local cuisine, and learn about Sundanese arts and crafts to enlighten the city's community about green and sustainable living.

Bandung Green Tour is designed for anyone who wants to start learning about sustainable lifestyles through educational, engaging, and enjoyable walk tours. So, anyone can join it. And let's start your sustainable journey!


Hutan Kota Bandung - Serlok Bantaran Cikapundung

Join us in embracing sustainable tourism! Let's explore the beauty of nature while respecting and preserving the environment. Every footprint we leave has an impact, so let's work together to care for our tourist destinations for a greener and more sustainable future. Come be a part of our efforts to support sustainable tourism and safeguard the natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.

Activity of BGT:

  1. Describing the Bandung Urban Forest Spot and its Implementation for the Future of Bandung City as a Green Space and Towards a Sustainable City.

  2. Strolling Along the Cikapundung River from Bandung Urban Forest and Exploring the Green Side of Bandung City.

  3. Engaging in Volunteer Activities: Cleaning the Banks of the Cikapundung River for a Greener Tomorrow.

  4. Planting Trees Along the Banks of the Cikapundung River.

  5. "Botram" or in Sundanese, "botram" is a delightful tradition of enjoying a meal together, particularly relishing the Sundanese culinary gem, by the banks of the Cikapundung River.

  6. Exploring Sundanese Arts and Crafts: A Journey into Cultural Richness and Creativity.

About Sebumi's sustainable lifestyle modules.

In Green Tour, you will learn about sustainable lifestyles through 9 aspects of sustainability by Sebumi: Food, Water, Waste, Transportation, Shelter, Energy, Fashion, Biodiversity, and Mindfulness.

Each aspect is important to support our holistic sustainable lifestyle. And in Green Tour, you will learn it through experiential learning from the experts.

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