Rediscover Biological Diversity of Bali Get an unforgettable experience by exploring the sustainable hidden gems in Bali.

Bali is famous for its rich culture. But did you know that Balinese culture embodies a lot of local wisdom that supports conservation and sustainability? And these local wisdom become 'hidden sustainable gems' that are interesting for us to explore.

Bali Harmony Green Tour is a special tour that is designed for you to rediscover ecotourism activities in Bali’ mass tourism, especially in Kuta-Legian area. You will also learn how Balinese local wisdom and efforts to promote conservation and sustainability using the lens of 9 aspects of Sebumi's sustainable lifestyle including: biodiversity, waste, food, water, energy, shelter, transportation, fashion and mindfulness. 

In Collaboration with Neo+ Hotel Legian, Bali Harmony Green Tour will bring you to find the hidden sustainable gems on the island.



What will you experience?

Strolling around Kuta-Legian streets to discover its sustainable side

Bali has many places such as traditional landmarks, beachfronts, temples, traditional markets, and alleys. Interestingly, each of these places has its own story and local wisdom. Through this tour, we will see and learn how local wisdom and ecotourism are striving under the siege of mass tourism and modernization.

Learn how to make Eco-Enzym and Canang Sari (And Its Meaning for Balinese Community).

On the occasion of International Biodiversity Day, we will interact with the biodiversity related to Balinese culture. We will create eco-enzymes from organic materials and make canang sari from beautiful flora. We will also learn the beautiful meaning of canang sari for the Balinese community and distribute the canang sari that we have made.

Visiting sea turtle at Sea Turtle Conservation Sanctuary, Kuta and take a part in sea turtle conservation

Have you ever seen how baby turtles hatch? Or how cute are baby turtles? In this tour, you will learn about the Balinese community's conservation actions to save this endangered species. You can also be a part of the action to save sea turtles from extinction.

Exploring how Green Hotel can positively impact you and the environment

You might be curious about what an eco-friendly hotel looks like. In this tour, we will explore and learn how Neo+ Hotel Management implements green initiatives in its operations to reduce the impact on the environment and give you more convenience.

Let’s join the Bali Harmony Green Tour and be one of those who have explored the hidden sustainable gems in Bali.


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