Biodiversity/Biodiversity stands for "biodiversity", it refers to the diversity of life on Earth at all levels, from genes to ecosystems. Biodiversity is important for humans for various reasons, one of which is supporting ecological life. Biodiversity provides an ecosystem that functions as a supplier of oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants, pest control, wastewater treatment and other ecosystem services. In this Biodiversity Workshop, you will be given practical knowledge to discover ecological life in urban areas around you as well as theory about biodiversity and its benefits for daily needs. For example, our previous activities that have been carried out to get to know more about the Biodiversity in urban areas is to go around the City Forest and hunt and explain about the biodiversity and resources that exist in the location that can be used to make a terrarium that you can take home! 

Activity 1 : Tour around city forest/mangrove and explanation about biodiversities there

Activity 2 : Explanation about native biodiversities, hunting  and explanation about resource that can be used to make terrarium

Activity 3 : Terrarium making