Our life is very dependent on water. Water plays an important role for the body and for our every activity, such as bathing and washing. However, 95% of the waste water we use is disposed of in sewers and ends up polluting the rivers. That means, one of the causes of water pollution comes from our homes.

Managing our waste water is one solution to reduce water pollution in our envinronment. In this Virtual Workshop ‘Water Series’, we will learn and practice how to build and manage our waste water in a sustainable way and not end up polluting the environment.


See the water cycle : where it came from and how it got to our hands

Have you ever imagined where the water we use? It turns out, that the water we use comes from many places and goes through a long process to get to our hand. And in this workshop, you will see the journey of water from the start until it reaches you.

Sustainable household water management

Managing our waste water is a solution to reduce pollution and improve water quality on this earth. And in this workshop, we will learn how to manage our wastewater in a sustainable way.


Make your DIY Water Filter

Big steps always start with small steps. And a small step to manage water sustainably is to make our own water filter. In this workshop, we will make a water filter, try to filter waste water with our water filter, and see the result.