Mount Semeru, East Java (-8.184393973739313, 112.99496608590752)


Sahabat Volunteer Semeru (SAVER)


Mount Semeru, located in East Java Province, is one of Indonesia's active volcanoes. Semeru is also one of Indonesia's highest mountains, known as the seven summits, with a height of 3,676 meters above sea level and is a popular hiking destination. Since 1818, at least 55 eruptions have occurred on Semeru, which unfortunately erupted again in late 2021.

After a minor eruption in January 2021, Mount Semeru erupted on December 4th, 2021. After the lava dome at the summit collapsed due to heavy rains, the eruption began. At least 5,205 homes and public buildings were damaged by lava flows and lahars. At least 57 people have died, 104 others have been injured, and 23 people are still missing. Since then, governments, NGOs, communities, and volunteers have been working to respond to the eruption's damage by providing rescues, recovery, and reconstruction.

As important as providing immediate responses to the Mount Semeru eruption, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter, being prepared for what's to come is critical in minimizing future eruption damage. Because Mount Semeru is still considered an active volcano, aiding the local community's recovery, mitigation, and preparedness for future eruptions will be critical.

Based on survey and direct observation results conducted by Sahabat Volunteer Semeru (SAVER), Sebumi will support SAVER in providing support to Supiturang Village, one of the most impacted villages from Semeru eruption through several activities:

1. Recovery: Revive Agricultural and Other Important Livelihoods

2. Mitigation: Build Local Infrastructure for Disaster Mitigation

3. Preparedness: Training of Trainers on Psychological First Aid (PFA) and Pre-Disaster Preparedness


  1. Provide sheep and primary farming tools and materials such as a hoe, sickle, sprayer, artco, fertilizers, mulsa, and seeds namely rice, tomato, chile, and cabbage.

  2. Other tools and materials for other essential livelihoods will be provided depending on their necessity to health and education sectors.

  3. Provide funding for SAVER (Sahabat Volunteer Semeru) to build several infrastructures including 2 watch towers, 4 information boards,1 loudspeaker, and 1 repeater, and also 1 set of handie talkies, 24 sets of APD, and operational for the construction process.

  4. Provide comprehensive Training of Trainers with an expert in Basic Psychological First Aid (PFA) and disaster preparedness to provide SAVER with knowledge and skills in responding for future disasters. The training will cover topics ranging from technical handling to behavior management as well as the development of community plans for PFA and disaster preparedness.