Located in Lombok island, Rinjani is the 2nd highest volcanoes mountain in Indonesia with its peak at an altitude of 3726 masl. Apart from carrying the theme of "Zero Waste Journey", our 6 day 5 night trip this time will also carry the social and conservation program "Rebuild Rinjani" which was initiated by sebumi after the earthquake on Lombok Island.Our journey will begin with geotourism activity and learning about the geographical history of Mount Rinjani while drinking coffee at a local coffee shop in Mataram. After that, we will visit the traditional village of Senaru to take a closer look at how the life of the people there. On the second day, we will start our 4 day journey hiking the mighty Rinjani Mountain via Torean - Sembalun track. We will see the magnificient waterfalls, hills, and also Segara Anak lake. On the last day, we will carbon offset our trip by planting trees and visit the Rumah Belajar Sangkabira, a learning house initiated by the community around Sembalun village as a place for children to learn for a brighter future for them

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Day 1 - Cultural, Geological, and Coffee Tour

Learn about geological wonders, unique traditional culture of Lombok and Mount Rinjani. We will also learn about coffee from local villagers that rebuild their life post 2018 earthquake through coffee planting and processing with support from Rebuild Rinjani program.

Day 2 - The Start Point

Early morning before sunrise we will start our hike via Torean pass  through several valley, caves, rivers, and waterfalls such as Penimbungan Waterfall. We will set tent at Pintu Hutan Camping Ground.

Day 3 - Feel the Experience

We will continue our journey from Pintu Hutan to Segara Anak Lake. For the night, we will camp and enjoy a sky of full of stars over Segara Anak Lake

Day 4 - A Fine Day at Segara Anak and Plawangan Sembalun

We will enjoy the morning at Segara Anak lake. After lunch we will hike to Plawangan Sembalun. Here you will enjoy the best sunset in Rinjani.


Day 5 - Summit attack and Zero Waste Journey

We will start our summit attack to the top of Rinjani 3726 masl. We will catch sunrise at the summit. we will also do a "zero waste" action and celebrate Indonesia Independence Day.


Day 6 - Giving back to Rumah Belajar Sangkabira

We will close our journey by giving back and interacting with the Sembalun local community and make donations to Rumah Belajar Sangkabira which is a place where children learn about how to be human beings who live in harmony with nature.

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