Located within the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area, Mount Semeru is the highest active volcano on the island of Java, with its peak Mahameru at an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level.
This hike with the theme of "Zero waste journey" will take us to some of the famous natural panoramas of Mount Semeru such as Ranu Kumbolo Lake, Tanjakan cinta, Oro-oro Ombo, and the highest peek of java, Mahameru Peak. The beauty of the landscape of Mount Semeru will pay off all the energy we put into climbing it.

Not just climbing the mountain and learning about the geology, ecosystem, and biodiversity of Mount Semeru, we will also get acquainted with the culture of the Tengger Tribe, an indigenous tribe that lives in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area. With the theme “Zero Waste Journey to The Highest Mountain of Java”, it is hoped it will open up understanding and invite the hikers to play an active role in protecting the environment.,

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Day 1

Upon arrival in Malang City, we will try breakfast with a traditional dish from Malang, after that we will continue our journey to Ngadas Village for lunch and learn about Semeru and Tengger Tribe cultural heritage in the village. After that we will continue our journey to Ranu Pani Village and get ready to start climbing  Mount Semeru the next day

Day 2

The second day started by transfer to SAVER Basecamp and get a safety  briefing before we start our hike. We will start hiking from Ranu Pani to Ranu Kumbolo  for about 3,5 hours, we will rest and have lunch, before the journey continues to Kalimati. hike to Kalimati will take about 3 hours, in this place we will set up our tent and rest to start the Semeru summit attack at midnight

Day 3

Early morning climbing to the summit of Mount Semeru (Mahameru) begins. Trekking through Arcopodo takes about 1 hour and continues the journey to the top by going through a fairly heavy sandy track.
After arriving at Mahameru Peak, we will be presented with extraordinary natural scenery, we can see views of Mount Bromo, Argopuro, Arjuno, Lawu and Jonggring Saloko Crater.
The journey continues to go down to Lake Ranu Kumbolo, rest and camp.

 Day 4

After enjoying the sunrise in the morning, there will be a yoga/meditation session while soaking up the beauty of Semeru at Ranu Kumbolo. After breakfast and tidying up the equipment, we don't forget to check the trash we bring to make sure nothing is left behind.
Trekking for 4 hours to Ranu Pani and having lunch then continuing the Zero Waste Journey program at Ranu Pani with SAVER before finally heading to Malang City by jeep.