Food is very important for human life because from food we get the energy to carry out body functions and make up the body's materials.However, curently food is sourced unsustainably. The food we eat today is unsustainable for two reasons: the food system causes unacceptable environmental impacts and it is depleting non-renewable resources. But, there are ways to make it more sustainable, one of which is growing your own food. In this workshop, we will learn how make your own kitchen garden by doing basic gardening & regrowing vegetables also fun cooking demo with a professional chef using local ingredients and tasting session!

Activity 1 : Comprehensive explanation about food cycle and our source of food.

Arriving at the Pekarangan Rinati, we will hear an explanation about food cycle. We will see where our food sources come from, how they are processed, their distribution, until finally they reach us and we consume them.

Activity 2 : Tour around & see example of kitchen garden implementation

We will walk around at Pekarangan Rinati, and see various types of vegetables growing in their garden. We will also learn the basics of gardening, and how to grow vegetables from our own garden or yard.

Activity 3 : Basic gardening & regrowing vegetable workshop

After gardening, we will cook with Chef Archie using ingredients derived directly from the real estate. After cooking, we will try the dishes together.

Activity 4 : Cooking demo using local ingredients & tasting session