Fashion is part of the primary needs. However, currently there are several problems in the fashion industry, such as water pollution from chemical dyes, soil contamination with pesticides for cotton farming and exploitation of child and female labor for the production of fashion goods. Starting from the existing problems, sustainable fashion began to develop by offering alternative solutions to minimize the impact on living things and the environment. Starting from fashion products that can be recycled, the use of natural dyes and the selection of natural fibers for clothing materials with more durable quality. Through the Sustainability Module - Fashion, we will discuss how we choose clothes that have less impact on the environment. In this sustainable fashion workshop, we will learn about these aspects and what are the alternatives to fashion that are more environmentally friendly. So, let's change our perspective on fashion by practicing sustainable fashion!



Activity 1 : Comprehensive explanation about reducing fashion waste

Activity 2 : Explanation about sustainable fashion and how to create natural print and natural dye from plants

Activity 3 : Workshop: creating ecoprint and eco dye