Nowadays, how often do you buy new clothes just to follow trends? Well, if you buy new clothes oftenly to follow the trend, then you’re a fast fashion junkie. Fast fashion is a design, manufacturing and marketing method focused on rapidly producing high volumes of clothing where garment production utilizes trend replication and low-quality materials (likesynthetic fabrics) in order to bring inexpensive styles to the public. These cheaply made, trendy pieces have resulted in an industry-wide movement towards overwhelming amounts of consumption. Unfortunately, this results in harmful impacts on the environment, garment workers and ultimately consumers' wallets.

Well, knowing from the description above about the fast fashion trend and its effect on the environment and living beings, truly we can minimize the impact by creating our own trendy product using old unuseable fashion items into something reusable! Besides following the trends, you can start ‘being’ the trends. It starts with reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, rethink and refuse or commonly known as 6R which also means sustainability in designing fashion products because it is connected to longevity. For example, using reusable materials helps perpetuate a circular model of material production and use, which in turn extends the materials’ lifetime. Here’s some simple idea to recreate your old fashion items into something useful :

1. Tote Bag from Upcycled Fabric

2. Card Holders

3. Earings

That’s some simple fashion items idea that you can “Do-It-Yourself” with your unused and old fabrics. You can also find some references from Pinterest. So, there’s no more excuse that reusing your fashion items is impossible and not fashionable!