Biodiversity has a big role to play in our life. And in urban areas, this biodiversity is stored in Green Space. However, green space in Jakarta is only 9.98% of its area, much lower than Singapore where 47% of its area is green open space.

In fact, green space has a big role for us, such as improving water quality and increasing air quality by up to 60%. In the Sebumi Virtual Workshop on the Biodiversity series, you will learn more about biodiversity, green space and bring nature closer to us by making our terrarium.


Get to know more about biodiversity and green space

Biodiversity has great ecological services for us. In this virtual workshop, we will learn about biodiversity, green space in urban area, its relation and role in our lives.


Reconnect with nature and explore biodiversity around us

Biodiversity does not only exist in forests or mountains, but biodiversity is also near us. In this session, we will jointly explore the biodiversity around us.


Bring nature closer to you by making a terrarium

In this session, we will create a mini ecosystem in a terrarium. Prepare the container, soil, plants, and your favorite action figure. Design and arrange your terrarium according to your creation, you can also make your terrarium with your family or friends, and present a mini ecosystem in your home.