Food is one of our basic needs. However, the cultivation of food crops currently uses pesticides and inorganic fertilizers. Pesticides and inorganic fertilizers contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. And if we eat vegetables that contain pesticides, it can be harmful to our bodies.

To avoid this, producing and consuming healthy organic food is a solution so that we can live healthily. And in this Food series virtual workshop, we will learn to produce organic and healthy food from our homes.


Look at our food sources and food chains

In this virtual workshop, we will see where our food sources come from. Where are they sourced, how they are managed, and the difference between inorganic food and organic food.


Why do we have to eat organic food?

Organic food is becoming popular these days. Organic food gives us a better health impact than non-organic food. In this session, we will learn how important it is to eat organic food and what are the benefits of eating organic food.


Producing our organic food in our home

Some may see that organic food is more expensive than non-organic food. But, actually we can grow organic food in our homes. How? In this session we will learn how to grow our organic food at home in an easy and fun way.