Coastal forest ecosystems to mountains, dense Dipterocarp forest with rivers and waterfalls, and the uniqueness of the animals that live in it are the harmonization of the natural beauty of this national park. Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL) is one of the first five national parks in Indonesia, located in the north of Sumatra Island. In addition, GLNP has also received various titles as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Feel the experience with Sumatran elephants, observing orangutans, and interacting with the river with tubing activities that are unforgettable with Sebumi Merimba!

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Day 1

After air travel from Jakarta to Medan, we will stop for a while at Stabat, Langkat Regency for lunch. After filling the stomach with typical Sumatran food, we will again move to Tangkahan by car for 3 hours. Arriving at Tangkahan, we can immediately test the adrenaline with tubing activities in the river and continue to relax around Tangkahan.

Day 2

Still in Tangkahan, we will enjoy the second day by interacting with the Sumatran elephants that are there. While bathing and riding elephants, we can learn how elephants and humans can live together in Tangkahan. 

After lunch, we will continue our journey with offroad trip to Bukit Lawang which is 2 hours and 30 minutes away from Tangkahan

Day 3

Bukit Lawang was once a Sumatran orangutan rehabilitation center which was founded in 1973. There, we will do jungle trekking to meet Sumatran orangutans and various other endemic species such as langurs and king kuau birds. We will also carry out conservation actions by planting local trees which we hope can become a place to live for the animals that live there