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Located in the bird crown of West Papua Province, Raja Ampat is one of the world's paradises of marine tourism. Its territory spans an area of 4 million hectares covering land and sea which has 1,844 islands with the four largest islands: Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. Snorkeling and seeing the underwater beauty of Raja Ampat is a very exciting thing to do here.

Besides being famous for its marine tourism, the potential of mainland natural resources and cultural wisdom in Raja Ampat is very interesting to know. On this trip, you will be invited to visit TWA Sorong which has various types of beautiful Papuan endemic birds. You will also be invited to visit the village of Arborek and see how the community manages nature with the wisdom they have believed in from the past.

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Day 1: Welcome to Sorong City

Visit the main gate as the entrance to Raja Ampat, the city of Sorong. The Srar dance will welcome us when visiting TWA Sorong. In this place, we can see a representation of the lowland ecosystem that is still naturally preserved. Papeda and yellow gravy fish, one of the favorite culinary delights that must be tried when visiting Papua, will accompany our lunch before crossing to the capital city of Raja Ampat, Waisai.

Day 2: Explore the spectacular natural beauty of Waisai

After getting to know the birds of paradise and enjoying the sunrise at the Warkesi bird park with the local community. We will visit Kali Biru to see how the local wisdom of the Papuan people in protecting their natural resources and get to know the history and activities of the Teluk Mayalibit community. On the way back to the resort, we will visit the warsambin waterfall and the traditional Waisai market.

Day 3: Explore the underwater beauty of Arborek and Sauwandarek

Time to sail!  Heading to the western part of the Raja Ampat Islands, we will visit the villages of Arborek and Sauwandarek to taste the original cuisine of Raja Ampat and see the beauty of Raja Ampat's local culture. Besides that, we will also meet the charming underwater beauty of these two islands. Snorkeling or free diving are activities that we will do before tasting the delicious local cuisine here.

After lunch, we will go to Fam village to visit the ecotourism area in Raja Ampat as well as a place to stay. Then we will enjoy the sunset at our favorite destination in Raja Ampat, namely Piaynemo, and see the endemic animal of Raja Ampat, namely the coconut crab (Ketam Kenari) and  Kalibia Shark with the local community of Kampung Fam.

Day 4: Connect with the local people of Raja Ampat

We will get to know how the conservation program is taking place in Kampung Fam. Through the processing of coconut trees, the people of Kampung Fam can make virgin coconut oil and natural soap products which are the main commodities besides tourism. We will also try firsthand how the process of making these products. Sau Kabu Island, Sau Papir Island and Kampung Fam are the destinations that we will visit before we return to Waisai Island.


Day 5: Enjoy West Papua coastal ecosystem exoticism

Through TWM Klawalu, we will visit and learn about the role of mangroves in coastal ecosystems. Not only have ecological benefits, but mangroves also have economic benefits, we can also find processed mangroves in this place. After 5 days of exploring Sorong and Raja Ampat, we will return to our respective cities.


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