Experience a journey to the wonderful karst hills and traces of ancient life in Kalimantan!

This trip will take you to two beautiful destinations in East Kalimantan, Merabu Village and Merasa Village. Feel the mythical and majestic atmosphere of Merabu, a hidden gem in Borneo that offers lush tropical forests, green hills and majestic karst caves. In addition, we will also see how the efforts of the indigenous people who are environmentally conscious in maintaining and managing their village forests. Merabu is really worth to visit.

Merasa Village is a village for the Uma Baha Dayak tribe which is located on the banks of the Lesan River and can be reached within 1.5 hours from Merabu. In this area there are various tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. Starting from Batu Lungun Cave where the old Dayak cemetery is located to the Orangutan rehabilitation island. We will also see how sustainable cocoa bean farming management in the village of Merasa can produce one of the best cocoa beans in Indonesia.

Still in the same province, it would be a shame if we didn't continue our journey to Derawan Island. These islands have a variety of beautiful beaches. Feel the sensation of staying at a beachside hotel. Take a closer look at the jellyfish, on Kakaban Island and visit a small, fine white sandy island where a turtle hatchery, on Sangalaki Island.

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Day 1: Welcome to the Sangkulirang Mangkalihat Karst Foothills

We will start our journey from Jakarta to Berau and continue our exploration of Kalimantan's nature and culture from the upper reaches of the river behind the Sangkulirang Mangkalihat karst hills which are the lifeblood of the East Kalimantan people, including the transportation route for ancestors, water sources, and people's lives.

We will see how the efforts of the Merabu Village community in realizing a sustainable village through sustainable village forest management efforts.

Day 2: Exploring Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Merabu Forest

We will explore the village forest to get to the karst hills and majestic caves that provide a source of water for people's lives. There, we can also see traces of the ancestors of the Dayak people from thousands of years ago.

After exploring the karst hills, we will head to Nyadeng Lake. The turquoise blue color of the water and the serene atmosphere provided by this lake make it the perfect place to rest after a long trek through the jungle.

Day 3: Hiking to the Ketepu Peak and Seeing the Community's Cocoa Farming in the Merasa Village

After spending the night on the shores of Lake Nyadeng, we will head to Ketepu Peak (400 masl) to see the majesty of the Merabu Village Forest and the Sangkulirang Mangkalihat karst cluster that emerges from behind a thin fog from above. We will see how karst forests have begun to be flanked by land use changes that threaten the existence of natural ecosystems.

After that, we will move to Merasa Village to visit the community's Cocoa plantations and post-harvest processing and interact directly with farmers and community groups there.

Day 4: Exploration of biodiversity and community culture of Merasa

On the fourth day, we will go along the Kelay River using ketinting to see firsthand the efforts of Kalimantan orangutan conservation by visiting a rehabilitation island not far from the village of Merasa.

After that, we will explore the greatness of the Luko rock karst by ketinting boat and trekking on the banks of the Kelay River. We can also feel the mystical atmosphere of the relics of the traditional tombs of the Dayak people in the karst rock crevice.


Day 5: Back to home or Extend to Enjoy Derawan (+1D1N)

After all the trips are over, we will return to Tanjung Redeb, before returning to our hometown. Or you can continue you journey to Derawan Island, which holds the tropical beauty under the sea of East Kalimantan.


Day 5+6 (Extend): Explore the Tropical Under Water Beauty of Derawan Island

It's not complete if a visit to Berau without enjoying the underwater beauty of East Kalimantan in the Derawan Islands which holds underwater wealth with attractions of turtles, stingless jellyfish and whale sharks. And recharge your energy before returning to your hometown.

After all the trips are over, we will return to Tanjung Redeb, before returning to our hometown, and those who have time and want to visit Derawan can enjoy the traces of the legacy of the Malay sultanate in Tanjung Redeb.



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