Towering 3,676 meters above sea level, Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java, or the third highest volcano in Indonesia. On this virtual journey, you will be taken to see the beauty of the Semeru landscape, enjoy the peace in Ranukumbolo, and explore to the top of Mahameru.

Not only the scenery, you will also see the perch tribe that lives around Semeru and explore the sacred journey on this mountain. Also, you will be invited to take part in a zero waste journey action to free Mount Semeru from hiking trash.


Learn about basic mountaineering

Before starting the journey, we will learn about basic mountaineering. What to prepare before climbing, what to do and what not to do during the trip. This helps us to climb safely.

Discover the tengger tribe culture and spiritual journey in Semeru

In Semeru mountain, you will meet the Tengger tribe and see their unique and interesting culture. In addition, Mount Semeru is also a witness to the spiritual journey of the clergy in the 14th century written in inscriptions around Lake Ranukumbolo.

Explore the richness of geology, biodiversity, and nature in Mount Semeru

This virtual trip will take you to enjoy the geological landscape and beautiful nature. Enjoy the serenity of the peaceful Ranukumbolo Lake, listen to stories while walking on the slopes of love, pass the 'purple fields' of the Oro-Oro Ombo that full of Verbena brasiliensis, and many more.

See the amazing panorama of Bromo Tengger Semeru from the top of Mahameru

The journey to the top of Mahameru is always impressive. In this virtual hike, you will experience a step-by-step struggle to reach the top of Mahameru. Once you arrive at the top, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of the Bromo Tengger Semeru area and the Jonggring Saloko crater which actively spits gas every 15 minutes.

Zero Waste Action dan Get in touch with local community

Not only exploring the beauty of Semeru, but together with the local community, we will also take part in the zero waste journey. An action to minimize the bad impact of our hiking activities, such as by sweeping the hiking trash scattered on Mount Semeru, planting trees, and spreading this action to other people.